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Emerging Business Seminar (Phoenix) – How To Reduce The Risk of Litigation (Sept. 7th)

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“Litigation” is often a feared word in a business owner’s vocabulary. Regardless of whether you filed the lawsuit or are defending it, litigation can extract a heavy operational, emotional and financial toll on your business. It can become all-consuming and, in many cases, can result in the untimely death of your company.

Prevailing in a lawsuit is good, but avoiding the lawsuit altogether can be much better. So what can a business owner do to stay out of the courtroom?

Snell & Wilmer invites you to the next program in the Emerging Business Seminar Series, where partners Brian J. Burt and Don Bivens will discuss strategies and reasons to avoid litigation.

Topics for this complimentary seminar will include:

  • The most common reasons that companies litigate
  • Strategies and best practices to help avoid litigation
  • What a company can do if threatened with litigation
  • Resolving disputes without resorting to litigation

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