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DOL Finalizes Regulations Requiring Electronic Filing of Top Hat Statements

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On June 17th the Department of Labor finalized a set of proposed regulations requiring that all “top hat” plan statements be filed with the Department electronically though this website.  As brief background, a “top hat” statement is a one-time filing made with the Department of Labor to protect against a non-qualified plan established for a select group of management or highly compensated employees becoming subject to some of the more onerous requirements of ERISA.  Accordingly, to maintain this protection, effective August 16, 2019, “top hat” filings must be made electronically.

The Department introduced the proposed regulations on the electronic filings in September 2014 and has indicated that since the release of the proposed regulations 54% of the “top hat” filings received have been made electronically.  In the final regulation, the Department indicates that electronic filing will make the reported data more readily available to participants, beneficiaries, and other members of the public.