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EPA Announces $42 Million PFAS Aid to Arizona

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by  Patrick J. Paul

According to EPA’s press release, $5 billion is scheduled for investment over five years to help communities that are on the frontlines of PFAS contamination reduce PFAS in drinking water.  The initial allotment of $42 million to Arizona can be used to prioritize infrastructure and source water treatment for pollutants, like PFAS and other emerging contaminants, and to conduct water quality testing.

On February 13, EPA announced the availability of more than $42 million dedicated to Arizona pursuant to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

EPA also released the Emerging Contaminants in Small or Disadvantaged Communities Grant Implementation document. The implementation document provides states and communities with the information necessary to use this funding to address local water quality and public health challenges. The grants are intended to enable communities to improve local water infrastructure and reduce emerging contaminants in drinking water by implementing solutions such as installing necessary treatment systems.