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Coronavirus Solutions Cause Long-Term Changes to Depositions in California

On September 18, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed Senate Bill (“S.B.”) 1146 into law. This act was aimed at amending Sections 1010.6 and 2025.310 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, and to add and repeal Section 599. These sections of Code of Civil Procedure govern discovery deadlines, methods for service, mandatory settlement conferences, […]

| 3 min read

California Supreme Court Clarifies Whether Counsel is Bound by Confidentiality Provisions in Settlement Agreements

In Monster Energy Co. v. Schechter, 7 Cal.5th 781, 792 (2019) the California Supreme Court was tasked with determining “whether counsel’s signature approving a [settlement] agreement as to form and content for his clients’ signature precludes, as a matter of law, a finding that he also intended to be bound by the agreement.” The Court […]

Collateral Source Rule Not Violated by References to Medical Insurance, Medicare and Social Security

Stokes v. Muschinske, No. B280116, 2019 WL 1513208 (Cal. Ct. App. Mar. 14, 2019) (awaiting official publication) begs the question, does reference to a plaintiff’s membership in a health care plan, like Kaiser Permanente, or Medicare eligibility violate the collateral source rule?  The California Court of Appeal says not necessarily. In Stokes, the defendant was […]

| 4 min read