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Arizona, Meet RON!

| 2 min read
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By: Lauren Podgorski

Arizona passed Senate Bill 1030, which authorizes Arizona notaries to perform remote online notarizations, known as “RON.” RON becomes effective as of June 30, 2020.

 What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Currently, a person must “personally appear before or be in the presence of” a notary public in order to have her signature or document notarized. RON provides that an Arizona notary public who is physically located in Arizona may notarize remotely, using communication technology for individuals located anywhere in the United States, and even outside of the United States subject to certain additional requirements. Now, with RON, communication technology satisfies the requirement to “personally appear before or be in the presence of” a notary public.

What is communication technology?

Communication technology means audiovisual technology that allows people to communicate with each other using sight and sound, over the internet. A number of companies are now offering E-Notarization software: NotaryWorks, NotaryCam, and DocVerify, to name a few. Per Senate Bill 1030, the Secretary of State will enact technology requirements prior to RON’s effective date. Therefore, communication technology and E-Notarization software will have to comply with these technology standards once implemented.

 Is RON safe?

RON’s supporters boast that the technology can make the notarization process safer and more secure. The Secretary of State is charged with finalizing rules surrounding the identify verification and credential authentication process, so the soundness of RON’s security is yet to be seen.