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EB News of the Week – 7/28/14

* Bouncing Back From Failure As An Entrepreneur  [Forbes] * Malcolm Gladwell On Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Troublemakers  [Inc] * Do Two-Thirds of Shark Tank Deals Fall Apart?  [Businessweek] * Meal Delivery Startups Look For Winning Recipe  [WallStreetJournal]  * Facebook’s Zuck:  Now Worth More Than The Google Guys  [Fortune]


EB New of the Week – 12/23/13

* 5 Ways Customer Service Makes You Crazy  [CNNMoney] * Facebook Is A Fundamentally Broken Product That Is Collapsing Under Its Own Weight  [Entrepreneur] * 7 Things To Do Before New Years  [Inc] * The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Selling Anything  [TechCrunch] * When Your Startup Needs A Home  [WallStreetJournal]

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EB News of the Week – 11/25/13

* The Biggest (Business) Turkeys of 2013  [Fortune] * Where Social Media Is Going With Teens Leaving Facebook  [Inc] * Confidence Index Rises for Small Businesses  [WallStreetJournal] * How The Most Productive People Grow Their Network While Still Getting It All Done  [FastCompany] * The Danger When One Client Is 80% of Sales  [CNNMoney]

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