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Emerging Business News of the Week – 4.8.19

* A Few Years Ago, Uber Almost Killed Lyft. Then Lyft Did Something Brilliant  [Inc] *  Don’t Expect Free Stuff Just Because You Have 2,000 Instagram Followers  [FastCompany] * ‘Influencer Fraud’ Costs Companies Millions of Dollars. An AI-Powered Tool Can Now Show Who Paid to Boost Their Engagement.  [Entrepreneur] * How To Become An Entrepreneur […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 6/4/18

* What Makes a Great Place to Work? Here’s What Thousands of Employees Had to Say  [Inc] * This Entrepreneur Shares the One Word You Need to Build a Culture That Lasts  [Entrepreneur] * How Kona Ice, A Mobile Snow-Cone Franchise, Grew To $125 Million In Sales By Appealing To Retirees, Seasonal Employees And Side-Hustlers  […]