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Emerging Business News of the Week – 11.30.20

*  You Really Can Keep Control of Your Company–and Other Lessons From Airbnb’s IPO Filing  [Inc] * ‘Max’ Brenner Was Pushed Out of His Own Company, Financially Destroyed, and Banned From Making Chocolate For Five Years. But He Learned: ‘Hell Has Benefits.’  [Entrepreneur] *  With Toyota’s Help, This Secretive Entrepreneur May Finally Give Us Flying […]


Emerging Business Seminar (Phoenix) – How To Deal With Disgruntled Creditors, Partners and Investors

Businesses sometimes encounter choppy waters. For example, the bank may express concern about some recent financial data, a business partner may start acting out of line, or investors might complain about the direction of the company. How do you navigate through these difficult circumstances while best protecting yourself and your business? This seminar not only […]

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Emerging Business News of the Week – 10.8.18

* ‘Shark Tank’ Told Him He Had the Worst Pitch Ever. This Proved to Be a Really Good Thing  [Inc] * 5 Reasons Not to Follow the Lean Startup Process for Your Next Idea  [Entrepreneur] * How To Be The Kind Of Entrepreneur Investors Are Excited To Meet  [Forbes] * How Casper drove Mattress Firm […]

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EB News of the Week – 7/21/14

* The IRS Suffers a Major Setback In Its Ability To Regulate Attorneys and CPAs  [Forbes] * Workers Finally Feel Optimistic Enough to Jump Ship.  Here’s How to Keep Them Aboard  [Businessweek] * See How Blistering Hot Your City Will Get By The End of the Century  [FastCompany] * The Daily Startup: Seed-Stage Investors Forced […]

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