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EB News of the Week 1/11/16

* 6 Reasons Why Startups Should Skip the Big-Bang Launch  [Entrepreneur] * Messaging Startup Slack Creates $80 Million Fund to Invest in Other Startups  [BusinessWeek] * Startup PR Dos and Don’ts for 2016  [Forbes] * Kiva Sets New Rules for U.S. Borrowers to Get Crowdfunded Loans  [WallStreetJournal]  * Business Gets Schooled re Common Core  [Fortune]

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EB News of the Week – 12/21/15

* The Entrepreneurial Genius of Star Wars  [Entrepreneur] * Why Disobedient Children Make Great Entrepreneurs  [Inc] * Shark Tank Realty – Back Stage Insightsl from a $1M Winner  [Forbes] * Gillette Is Suing Dollar Shave Club for Patent Infringement  [FastCompany] * Kiva Sets New Rules For U.S. Borrowers To Get Crowdfunded Loans  [WallStreetJournal]