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Emerging Business News of the Week – 9.9.19

* This Guy Grew Up Knowing 2 Things: Hard Work and Hockey. Now He’s Combined Them Into a Hugely Successful Business  [Inc] * How Startups Develop and Deploy Matching Algorithms  [Entrepreneur] * Searching for a Smarter Snack: How This Mindful Leader Created A LesserEvil  [Forbes] * WeWork may cut its IPO valuation by billions  [CNNMoney] […]

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EB News of the Week – 6/13/16

*  Apple Asks Its Employees About How to Make the World A Better Place  [Fortune] * WeWork Is Cutting About 7% of Staff  [Businessweek] * Are You One of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Companies?  [Entrepreneur] * How This 169 Year-Old Company Is Scoring Big With Millennials  [Inc]  * Forget Box Office: Which “Star Wars” Movie Was […]