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Impact of COVID–19 on Energy and Infrastructure Projects in Arizona and the West: Disruption, Slowdowns, Uncertainty and Virtual Open Houses

by Matt Derstine With states now modifying their stay-at-home orders and social distancing restrictions, the long-term effects of the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic on energy and infrastructure projects remains unclear. But there have been several immediate impacts ranging from supply chain and labor force disruptions, to delays arising from the stay-at-home orders and the financial impact […]

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Ballot Initiatives Make it to Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

by Frances Folin Earlier this month, proponents of competing ballot initiatives affecting oil and gas exploration and development made their way to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. Certification by the Secretary of State that proponents have obtained the required 98,492 valid signatures is the final step to getting the initiatives on this November’s ballot. […]

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In Colorado, Ballot Initiatives Are Back in Full Force

by Frances Folin As primary season for midterm elections gets underway, so too does canvasser season. In Colorado alone, canvassers are out in full force and looking to get enough voter signatures for a number of different initiative statutes and constitutional amendments concerning energy, property rights, and fracking.  The Colorado initiatives and amendments are varied, […]

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Apocalypse Now? Not Much Has Changed in the Last Six Months

by Raymond S. Heyman It has almost been six months since the Trump administration came into power. At that time, energy and environmental stakeholders were either celebrating the advent of a period of progressive reform or lamenting the end of conscientious conservation and stewardship. A review of the impact of what the Trump administration has […]

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