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The Utah Legislature Chooses “All of the Above” for a Reliable Electric Grid

by Denise A. Dragoo During the recent General Session, the Utah Legislature enacted several major energy bills which confirm the State’s continued investment in, and support of, both conventional and renewable energy sources. The Legislature consistently chose to promote “all of the above” as the energy mix for a more reliable electric grid. Following austerity […]

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Utah Division of Water Rights Announces New Tool to Track Status of Change Applications

by Graham J. Gilbert On June 22, 2020, the Utah Division of Water Rights (also referred to as the State Engineer’s Office) released a new tool to assist with tracking permanent water right change applications.  Change applications propose modifications to existing water rights.  For instance, a change application may modify a water right’s point of […]

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New Rules Influence Groundwater Development in Park City, Utah and the Snyderville Basin

In September, the Utah State Engineer’s Office adopted a new Groundwater Management Plan for the Snyderville Basin and Park City.  The new Management Plan affects, among others, those considering purchasing water rights, changing existing water rights, or pursuing new development in the Snyderville Basin.  A new article in Utah Business by Graham Gilbert discusses how […]

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Fireworks: A “Boom” Or A “Dud” For Arizona

by Amanda A. Reeve The Arizona Legislature is on the cusp of passing legislation that will expand the days on which consumer fireworks are permitted for sale and use in Arizona. However, what some may think will serve as a boom for sales, just might end up being a dud for Arizona’s economy. Unfortunately, as […]

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Utah Lake/Jordan River General Water Rights Adjudication: I am on the List of Unclaimed Water Rights, Now What?

by Graham Gilbert This article discusses a specific aspect of the Utah Lake/Jordan River General Water Rights Adjudication: options if you miss the deadline for filing a Statement of Water User’s Claim and your water rights end up on the List of Unclaimed Rights.  Before tackling this topic, I want to offer some background about […]

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Protests Flow Freely After Utah and Idaho Apply to Appropriate 400,000 Acre Feet of Water From Bear Lake

by Graham J. Gilbert Bear Lake straddles the Utah-Idaho border.  While it was originally an isolated, natural lake, improvements installed over a century ago connected the lake to the nearby Bear River and allowed it to be operated as a reservoir.  Outflow from Bear Lake now enters the Bear River, which flows north and west […]

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2018 Utah Legislative Session Provides Support for Rural Jobs, Mining and Natural Resource Infrastructure Development

by Denise Dragoo (The following article appears in The Enterprise – Utah’s Business Journal) In his 2017 State of the State address, Gov. Gary R. Herbert challenged Utah businesses to create 25,000 jobs in 25 rural counties throughout Utah over his next four-year term. During the 2017 Legislative Session, the governor’s Rural Jobs Initiative was […]

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Rooftop Solar Companies and Utility Regulation

by Raymond S. Heyman Rooftop solar companies and their trade associations are intervening in a variety of state utility regulatory proceedings around the country. In Arizona, for example, in the past two years they have intervened in three rate cases for investor owned electric utilities and two rate cases for member-owned electric cooperatives. Additionally, rooftop solar advocates have intervened […]

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