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Emerging Business News of the Week – 7.8.19

*  10 Inspirational Quotes About Independence From Successful Entrepreneurs  [Entrepreneur] * I Spent 13 Years Building MoviePass–and Then I Was Fired. Here’s How I Recovered to Build Something New  [Inc] * Jony Ive’s Real Legacy, According to Apple Designers who Worked with Him  [FastCompany] * Why It’s So Hard To Make a Foldable Smartphone  [CNNBusiness] […]


EB News of the Week – 4/28/14

* 9 Things People Just Don’t Get About Entrepreneurs  [Inc] * Tech Giants to Pay $324 Million To Settle No Hiring Lawsuit  [Entrepreneur] * From Founder to CEO: Letting Go Is the Hardest (and Most Necessary) Part of Running A Startup  [Forbes] * Harvard University Thwarts Freshman Entrepreneurs  [Businessweek] * Entrepreneurship Sprouts Among Older Ex-Execs  […]