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Emerging Business News of the Week – 6.17.24

* That Sound You’re Hearing Is 13 Percent of Venture Capital Firms Quiet Quitting [Inc] * No Small Thing: Quantum Startups For The Here And Now [Forbes] * OpenAI Doubles Annualized Revenue to $3.4 Billion [Businessweek] * FTC Chair Lina Khan on startups, scaling, and ”innovations in potential lawbreaking” [TechCrunch] * If Ray Kurzweil Is […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 1.29.24

* Startup CEOs Are Getting Optimistic Again [Inc] * 55 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024 [Entrepreneur] * The Top 7 In-Demand Skills For 2024 [Forbes] * Reddit Advised to Target at Least $5 Billion Valuation in IPO [Businessweek] * How can venture capital survive a three-year liquidity drop? [TechCrunch]

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Emerging Business News of the Week – 11.13.23

* 8 Things to Keep in Mind for Those Starting a New Business [Inc] * ‘I Don’t Think I’m Delusional, I Think I’m Capable’: Gary Vaynerchuk Reveals the Mindset Hacks That Have Propelled Him to Success [Entrepreneur] * 6 Innovative Startup Opportunities In Manufacturing [Forbes] * 5 SBA Programs That Entrepreneurs Often Overlook [WSJ] * […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 6.26.23

* 8 Ways to Come Up With a Business Idea. [Entrepreneur] * Employees Who Spend Lots of Time With A.I. Are More Likely to Suffer From Loneliness and Insomnia, New Study Warns. [Inc] * #1 Focus For Unicorn Success: Embrace The Tough Stuff First. [Forbes] * AI for small business: Bosses want to automate these […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 4.24.23

* Elon Musk Says A.I. Has the Potential to Destroy Civilization [Inc] * Why Profitability Is the New Metric for Startup Success [Entrepreneur] * How To Turn Your Freelance Practice Into A Scalable Business [Forbes] * GPT-Powered Math App Seeks Funding at $100 Million-Plus Value [Businessweek] * As Tech Jobs Disappear, Silicon Valley Veterans Reset […]