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Emerging Business News of the Week – 7.1.24

* Overturning the Chevron Deference Could Mean a Regulatory Revolution [Inc] * The One Secret Ingredient That Turned This Healthy Chocolate Bar Into a Breakout Success [Entrepreneur] * 4 Uncommon Startup Concepts That Could Give You An Edge [Forbes] * These Lego bricks made from a meteorite could help scientists build the first structures on […]


EB New of the Week – 3/3/14

* Mt. Goxalypse?  Bitcoin’s Credibility Faces A Make-Or-Break Moment  [Businessweek] *Crowdfunding Rule Comments Under SEC Review  [WallStreetJournal] * 11 Billion Dollar Startups You’ve Never Heard Of  [Inc] * The $1M-A-Month Business Behind Your Favorite Twitter Accounts  [Forbes] * Lego Has Unseated Mattel To Become the Biggest Toy Company In the World  [FastCompany] * Why You […]