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Emerging Business News of the Week – 4/23/18

* Here’s How Old You Should Be When You Start a Company, According to Science. (It’s Not What You Think)  [Inc] * My Biggest 10 Lessons After My Startup Got Acquired For Millions  [Forbes] * Palantir Knows Everything About You  [Businessweek] * Colorado Was the First State to Legalize Marijuana. Now Its Governor Won’t Rule […]

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EB News of the Week – 3/20/17

* Two Arguably Avoidable Things Led to the Huge Lawsuit Between Alphabet and Uber  [Entrepreneur] * Q&A With Legendary Investor Chris Sacca  [Forbes] * Peter Thiel’s Palantir Faces an Escalating Court Battle With an Early Investor  [Businessweek]  * Fast-Growing, Entrepreneurial Christianity Is About A Lot More Than Church Attendance  [FastCompany] * Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Have […]

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EB News of the Week – 5/9/16

* Starting May 16, Entrepreneurs Can Raise Money in a Whole New Way. Here’s What You Need to Know  [Entrepreneur] * 5 Reasons Startups Fail  [Fortune] * What Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us About Life  [WallStreetJournal] * This ‘Avengers’ Star Is Making a Killing in Real Estate [RobbReport] * Palantir has lost major clients like Coca-Cola, […]

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EB New of the Week – 3/3/14

* Mt. Goxalypse?  Bitcoin’s Credibility Faces A Make-Or-Break Moment  [Businessweek] *Crowdfunding Rule Comments Under SEC Review  [WallStreetJournal] * 11 Billion Dollar Startups You’ve Never Heard Of  [Inc] * The $1M-A-Month Business Behind Your Favorite Twitter Accounts  [Forbes] * Lego Has Unseated Mattel To Become the Biggest Toy Company In the World  [FastCompany] * Why You […]