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EB News of the Week – 5/2/16

* 7 Major Fears All Successful People Must Overcome  [Entrepreneur] * Startup Oscar Posts $105 Million Obamacare Loss in 2015  [Businessweek] * Why Innovative Companies Like Google Are Letting Employees Craft Their Own Jobs  [FastCompany] * Fitbit Gets Jawbone Patents at Center of Dispute Invalidated  [SVBusinessJournal] * This Millennial Is Revolutionizing The Student Loan Industry […]


EB News of the Week – 11/17/14

* Peter Thiel’s Very Negative – and Very Useful – Advise for Entrepreneurs  [Inc] * Changing Obamacare:  Why A 40-Hour Work Week Means More To A Small Business  [WallStreetJournal] * The Youngest Billionaires:  11 Under 40  [MSNMoney] * Nerds Unite!  Software Company Expands To Phoenix, Plans to Hire More Than 150  [PhoenixBusinessJournal] * How To […]

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Emerging Business Seminar (Phoenix) – How To Reduce Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is one of every business owner’s greatest challenges. The simple goal of providing quality, affordable care to employees has been historically met with ever changing insurance plans, an impenetrable regulatory and systemic bureaucracy, and, of course, rapidly escalating premiums. And, at least so far, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) has only […]

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EB News of the Week – 12/30/12

* How To Be More Successful in 2014  [Inc] * Small Businesses Say Obamacare’s Aggregation Rules Unfair  [WallStreetJournal] * How CoVenture’s Founder Went From Sleeping in Union Square to Investing In 20 Companies  [Forbes] * A Company Is Sued Over Its “No Bad Reviews” Clause  [Businessweek] * How AMC Plans To Get Couch Potatoes Back […]

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