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Emerging Business News of the Week – 9.6.21

*  One-Third of People Who Quit Their Jobs Plan to Start Businesses  [Inc] *  McDonald’s Now Hiring 14-Year-Olds Due to ‘Staffing Issues’  [Entrepreneur] *  How To Generate Organic High-Quality Startup Ideas  [Forbes] *  Could 3D printing be the key to true sustainability? HP thinks so  [FastCompany] *  Elizabeth Holmes’ trial is set to begin: Here’s […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 5.27.19

* This Company’s Secret to Tripling Profits? No Work Wednesdays  [Inc] * Theranos: When a Culture of Growth Becomes a Culture of Scam  [Enterpreneur] * The Greatest Competitor You’ve Never Met  [Forbes] * This Magical Metamaterial Could Revolutionize Car Safety and Save Lives  [FastCompany] * This Is the Book That Helped Make Jeff Bezos the […]


Emerging Business News of the Week – 3/26/18

* This Is the Real Reason Startups Succeed–and No, It’s Not Money  [Inc] * The Truth Behind A Pitch: An Entrepreneurial Lesson From Theranos  [Forbes] * Dropbox IPO: Maybe There’s An Upside to Being the “Netflix of Online Storage”  [FastCompany] * This Startup Wants to Disrupt De Beers  [Fortune] * The Unavoidable Folly of Making […]

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EB News of the Week – 3/13/17

*  11 Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs on How to Start Over If You Lose It All  [Entrepreneur] * Behind Grail, Illumina’s Billion-Dollar Diagnostics Startup  [MedCityNews] * Beyond Bitcoin: The Next Killer Blockchain App May Be For Healthcare [CyberMedNews] * What An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Theranos  [Forbes] * The 100 Best Companies to Work For  [Fortune]


EB News of the Week – 1/9/17

*  Those With ADHD Might Make Better Entrepreneurs  [Entrepreneur] * Entrepreneurs, Prepare For A Rough Ride In 2017  [Forbes] * Theranos to Lay Off 41% of Workforce, Company Says  [Businessweek] * A Day in the Life of Scott, a Hopelessly Distracted Office Worker  [FastCompany] * The 1 Thing Tony Robbins Says 99 Percent of Businesses […]