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Opening the Courts to Seat Belt Non-Use Evidence

The Texas Supreme Court’s ruling in Nabors Well Services, Ltd. v. Romero, 456 S.W.3d 553 (Tex. 2015) has re-opened the national debate about whether courts should admit evidence of seat belt non-usage in lawsuits arising from motor vehicle crashes. The Romero decision reversed the course that Texas courts had followed for more than forty years […]

| 4 min read

Drivers, Here’s Another Good Reason to Put Down the Cell Phone

If you needed any more reason to put down the cell phone and focus on your driving, please read on. Driver distraction is a major contributor to vehicle crashes, including fatal crashes. New studies and statistics prove this. Data is being collected on crashes caused by drivers who were texting or using a cell phone, […]

| 3 min read
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