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Cleared for Takeoff? Feds Release Proposed Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

On February 15, 2015, the federal government unveiled two key documents concerning the future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)—sometimes referred to as “drones”—in the United States.  The FAA released a highly anticipated Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding commercial UAS operations, while the White House issued a Memorandum outlining privacy protections for government UAS use in the National […]

| 4 min read

Facebook Photos Are Fair Game in Injury Cases

Today it’s reported that 58% of American adults use Facebook, 17.5% use Instagram, and 50% use tumblr. Social media websites sometimes offer users the option of disclosing postings, including photographs, to different sets of other users. On Facebook, for instance, postings can be made available to the public, to only “friends” (those users who are […]

| 3 min read

Making Sure Cybersecurity and Liability Concerns Don’t Ground the Drones

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones, are slowly being integrated into U.S. and international airspace systems.  Despite current legal and regulatory limitations on their use for civilian purposes, governmental and private entities are devoting significant resources to advancing UAS technology and applications.  For example, internet industry giants Facebook and Google are exploring how to deliver […]

| 4 min read

Four California Privacy Laws and What They Mean for Businesses

Does your business operate a website,  online service, application or database? California has a group of privacy and data security laws that apply to those types of businesses. Because most websites, applications and databases involve California residents, such laws effectively set a nationwide baseline. Here are four California laws on privacy  and what they mean for businesses: 1. […]

| 3 min read
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The Drones Are Here, Bringing Liability Risks into View

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), more popularly known as “drones,” have evolved beyond overseas battlefield and clandestine operations and are increasingly being utilized inside the United States.  As with any product used in the domestic market, product liability considerations apply to their design, manufacture, sale and operation.  Therefore, now is an appropriate time to examine UAS […]

| 4 min read