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OSHA Updates (Part 3) – Are You Entering Injuries on OSHA 300 Logs Within Seven Days?

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In a recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) case, OSHA issued a serious, willful citation for an employer’s failure to log an employee injury on its OSHA 300 log within seven days. In this case, the employee was injured while operating a chainsaw. After being notified of the injury, OSHA eventually began its investigation. As part of the investigation, it required the employer produce three years’ worth of 300 logs, including the 300 log for the year in which the chainsaw injury occurred. The OSHA inspector noticed that the chainsaw injury was not reported on the required log.

During the telephonic closing conference to discuss apparent violations, when questioned, the frustrated owner of the employer company stated:

“Who cares about reporting it; this guy did this to himself and he was not wearing chaps.  I have five different agencies in my office every week investigating something; I can’t keep track of what everybody wants, and I don’t do the reporting.  Look, I’m 50 years old and I’m done paying fines.”

Following this statement, the owner of the company abruptly ended the closing conference by hanging up on the compliance officer.

The above is a reminder that employers may want to avoid such similar conversations with an OSHA inspector and report every employee injury on their OSHA 300 log within seven days of the employee injury.