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Utah Legislature Contemplating Sick Leave For Immediate Family

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The Utah Legislature is in session again, and it’s likely that there will be changes in the Utah employment landscape by the time the Session concludes in a couple months.  Among the bills being offered this year is House Bill 69, titled Sick Leave Amendments.  Sick leave is a rather routine benefit many, if not most, employers offer, allowing for understandable absences from work due to illness.  What about when an immediate family member is ill, however?  This Bill contemplates that an otherwise healthy employee can utilize their own sick time to be absent from work for the purpose of caring for an immediate family member who may be ill.  It also prohibits adverse employment actions against employees who take advantage of this new policy.  The good news for employers is that this does not add to or expand an employee’s already allocated sick leave time.  It merely provides that one’s own health isn’t the only reason to be absent from work.  In a family friendly state like Utah, it will not be surprising to see this one pass, and be signed by the Governor.  We will have more news about changes in Utah employment law in the months to come.