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Winter Edition Of “Under Construction” Newsletter Published!

The winter edition of Snell & Wilmer’s “Under Construction” newsletter is out now. This issue takes a looks at: The importance of reviewing all of the contract documents or templates you may have to evaluate whether they need to be refreshed or overhauled. Legal accountability, construction accidents and OSHA. This article offers a few key questions […]

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ADOSH Continues to Extend the Time Period for a Repeat Violation

When considering whether to admit to an ADOSH OSHA citation, keep in mind the changing time periods for a repeat citation. A repeat citation is issued when the employer has been cited previously for the same or substantially similar citation and that citation has become a final order.  Prior to January 2018, the statute of […]

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ADOSH Finally Approves Federal OSHA Silica Standard

On September 23, 2017, Federal OSHA adopted the silica standard for the construction industry. The general industry aspect of the silica standard took effect on June 23, 2018. As a state plan state, Arizona has six months to adopt the Federal OSHA standard. However, review and approval of this standard had been delayed at the […]